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Transportation Risk

Transportation Risk Insurance Texas

Speck Insurance understands that your business has a service to provide. Sometimes that service requires different modes of transportation i.e. cars, vans, trucks or even limousines. In those cases you can count on Speck Insurance to keep your business safe in the event of an accident.

Houston is the most populated city in Texas. As a result, we also see the largest amount of car accidents. According to the Texas Department of Transportation there were upwards of 47,000 accidents in Houston in 2012.

  • 176 of those accidents were fatal and lead to 193 deaths.
  • 5,387 accidents caused serious injuries for more than 7,000 people.
  • Just over 12,000 of those accidents caused less serious injuries to almost 20,000 people

4 highways running through the city of Houston are ranked in the top 10 as the most deadly highways in Texas

  • S. Highway 59 – Ranked 2nd. 268 fatalities overall.
  • Interstate 10 – Ranked 3rd. 422 fatalities overall.
  • Interstate 45 – Ranked 7th. 211 fatalities.
  • S. Highway 290 – Ranked 9th. 33 fatalities overall.

The risk is definitely out there. Don’t leave your company vulnerable if/when an instance like this occurs. Let us keep you protected.

Speck Insurance can provide business auto insurance to a number of business types including, but not limited to:

  • Limousine Companies
  • Taxi Companies
  • Cable Companies
  • Food Truck Businesses
  • Food Delivery Businesses (pizza, sandwiches, Chinese etc.)
  • Florists
  • Plumbing Companies
  • Mail Delivery Businesses
  • Landscaping Businesses
Harris County Texas Transportation Risk Stats, Facts and Figures

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In 2014 my husband suddenly passed away. During my struggle to handle this awful situation our insurance company decided to “non-renew” us. I was horrified and could not believe I would have to scramble on very short notice to get new insurance. It is not so easy to just go out and purchase liability, inland marine, worker’s comp, umbrella and vehicle insurance for a large company. Then I met Sheree Speck. She looked at all of my coverages and worked tirelessly to get me comprehensive coverage at a fair price. I was totally amazed. She got me much better coverage at a greatly reduced price from what I had previously been paying. She spent time educating me on all of my policies and the programs they offered. Her agency got the policies and over 1000 certificates issued correctly and on time. The whole process went so smoothly. The customer service that we have received from Speck Insurance has been excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking great insurance.

Merrill CrawfordPresident, Charlie’s Plumbing Inc.