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Health Insurance

Texas Individual and Group Health Insurance


Get quality health insurance at a price you can afford.

Whether you’re self-employed, in between jobs or in need of short-term coverage, we have a health plan that’s right for you. Some health plan options include: Affordable monthly premium, discounts on health care and your choice of doctors.


Good health pays off

When it comes to choosing a health plan cost is critical. An affordable group health care plan helps businesses like yours control costs by:

Focusing on wellness initiatives that address areas like disease prevention and nutrition and fitness. A little time and attention now can help avoid potentially larger problems later on.

Helping employees make smarter decisions about health and lifestyle by offering tools to help them track their health care costs and become more proactive in managing their health care.

Offering condition management programs that can lead to a better health care experience with chronic and serious conditions. These programs also help to reduce absenteeism, hospitalizations and emergency room visits—things that drive up your costs